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Quality over Quantity; rec'ing good fanfiction in all different fandoms

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Originally this place was a fanfic rec community, but sadly, most of the other reccers have gone on to greener fandom pastures - it's pretty much just mostlyrockit's dumping ground now. But that doesn't mean that outside posters aren't welcome! Feel free to submit recommendations as you please; we always love outside input (and it saves us from the guilt of not posting as often). We do approve outside postings on the first try, but after that you can be a part of the "unlimited posting access."


1. Since this is a rec community, avoid posting your own fanfiction.
2. This is a slash/femmeslash/what have you-friendly community - if you find that troubling, then this is probably not the place for you.
3. Losing fics sucks, and hunting them down with the help of a community is undeniably easier, but there are other places (like Fic Hunt) to ask about them - if you want to post a rec and a search request, that's totally gravy.
4. When you post a ficrec, please put the series in a tag. That way people don't have to go sifting through to find their fandom - they can just click.
5. If you wind up posting more than 5 fic recs, it's nice to stick them behind a cut so as to avoid flooding people's flists.
6. When reccing a fic, please use this formula:

Pairing (if any):
Brief Summary:
Your thoughts?:

So, what's "good" fic?
"Good" is super subjective, naturally, but here's an idea of what our posters try to look for (namely one, or all, of the following qualities):
1. Immaculate spelling. There's nothing quite as annoying as an author who doesn't know the difference between their/they're or lose/loose. You can play a little more fast and loose with grammar in the name of experimental fiction, but spelling mistakes are pretty grating.
2. An intriguing or original plotline (the only exception to this are PwPs, which have no plot by definition)
3. Decent characterization. There may be some incongruities, but ultimately, developments and relationships are somehow made believable. (Except for crack!fics, again, exempt by definition)

Any questions? Just Ask.

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Or, just make up your own. Whatever floats your boat.

That's all I can think of for now, thank you!


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