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new fandom y'all

Title: Pizza and a Movie
Author: Closer
Series: Suits
Pairing: Harvey/Mike
WIP?: Chaptered, complete (with a bonus two more retellings right here.)
Genre: AU
Brief summary: Harvey's still a lawyer but Mike's the Pizza delivery boy for Harvey's favourite pizza place.
Your thoughts: The Suits fandom is pretty hit-or-miss for me, and this is a hit. I love the way that small scenes from the series work their way into the alternate universe and - I don't know, it's fluff, the characterizations are excellent, and so is the banter. And you feel good by the end of it. What more can you want?

For those of you that haven't seen Suits, Mike is an excitable, slightly clueless genius with daddy issues. He works with Harvey, a domineering, high-powered genius who makes a living being wily and exploiting peoples' weaknesses. You can imagine what happens to poor Mike in fanfiction.

Title: Excerpts From The Gospel of Harvey Specter, edited by Michael "Forever Awesome" Ross, 2011, 1st Ed.
Author: mclachland
Series: Suits
Pairing: Harvey/Mike
WIP?: One-shot, complete
Brief Summary: Mike can so read people. Or maybe just Harvey, who's pretty much an open book.
Your thoughts: Continuing my thought up there: That is why I appreciate the hell out of fic, like this one, that depicts Mike as someone who, yes, really admires Harvey, but also has a backbone and a personality besides "NOTICE MEEEEE". I really like the way this story is laid out, where it kind of skips around and throws in these little addenda but it never really feels abrupt or out of place. Mike's voice in this is pretty hilarious.

If Harvey Specter were a textual medium, he'd be a Gospel. Although Mike is sure that, given a choice, Harvey would choose to be the whole Bible and Genesis would pretty much end up being, "And on the eighth Day, God was like, 'Dude, I almost forgot. I totally need to make a guy who can be me and do my work on Earth, therefore freeing the common man of all his burdens -- including the burdens of his wallet. And living in a multi-million dollar high rise in New York couldn't hurt. He can be my gift to the world. I'll call him Harvey and give him stupidly expensive suits and an oddly perfect mouth.'"

Title: All the Right Moves
Author: jumpfall
Series: Suits
Pairing: none, surprisingly
WIP?: One-shot, complete
Brief Summary: There's one box of files on the desk, another on the floor at his feet, and the couch is a lost cause. They've multiplied since Mike was last here, but then again, they would have to have in order to cover the roughly one hundred and fifty trials Harvey was involved in over the course of his two year stint as ADA. And Harvey's going to go over every single one of them. [Tag to 1x11.]
Your thoughts: I don't like this for Harvey and Mike. Yes, they're solid, but the main reason I adore it is for what it does for the other characters. Jessica, Louis, Rachel and Donna all have parts in this that I adore, and their voices are excellent. I especially like the layer it adds to Louis' character and the character redemption it gives Rachel (I am soo exasperated with what they've done to her on the show).

And now something to mess with your head:
Title: The Czernak Protocol
Author: lindermere
Series: Star Trek reboot
Pairing: Eh, Kirk/McCoyish, but it's pretty gen
WIP?: One-shot, complete
Genre: amnesia!fic, dark
Brief Summary: Jim undergoes medically induced amnesia after a disastrous mission. Gen-friendly sci-fi.
Your thoughts: Wow. This is fascinating. I love lindermere's work because she has honest-to-god creative, sci-fi premises (check out her other fics as well, they've got some pretty cool twists to 'em). The whole idea of the Czernak protocol is just super interesting and I love the ramifications and the way it plays out. Even without the star trek characters and background, it's an amazing sci-fi story, and the unease that tickles in the back of your mind throughout is awesome. Excellent writing.


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